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Zion Overlook Surprise Proposal | Zion National Park Proposal



Zion National Park has incredible views making it a great place for a proposal, elopement, wedding, or simply a hike! | Zion National Park Photographer

Fran reached out to me to document his surprise proposal to his girlfriend during their trip to Zion National Park. Fran and Kayla spent the week hiking around Southern Utah and Fran knew he wanted to surprise Kayla during one of their hikes. We decided on the Zion Overlook hike because of the breathtaking overlook at the top of the hike. This viewpoint is the perfect spot to propose, since it is an easy one mile trail round trip, and the sun sets right over Zion Canyon.

On the night of the planned proposal I met them at the top of the overlook, sat on top of a rock and pretended to be taking in the view myself. It was a beautiful spring night. We were lucky enough to have the majority of the overlook to ourselves! At this point, Fran and I had already made eye contact and I pointed him over to this beautiful spot to propose. She had no idea!!

These two were fully in the moment with each other, Kayla didn’t even realize I was taking photos of them even when I got closer.. I’d call that a success! We took a few photos and parted ways for them to enjoy the rest of their first night together as an engaged couple.

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