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Hi there, it’s Bri – I’m the owner/photographer of Bri Parkin Photography. I’m a Utah Wedding and Elopement Photographer based out of Salt Lake City, UT

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How I  Got Started With Photography

For as long as I can remember, I have gravitated to taking photos. As a young girl, I would ask for a little point and shoot camera every year for my birthday. When I got to high school I signed up for a photography class and then I bought my first DSLR with my first paycheck from my silly Wendy’s job.

I quickly fell in love with photography and started teaching myself more and using all my free time to practice and learn. My photography teacher convinced me to run for Student Body Historian, so I got to do all the photos for school events, sports, dances, etc. This helped me begin to get my name and photos out there. I started taking senior photos for friends and classmates, which turned into couple photos after I graduated. Then, I learned about the world of wedding photography during my first year of college and began learning and practicing in that field.

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A Little Detour

I went to college for a “backup plan” but quickly started to realize photography was what I wanted to do. So I switched my major to digital marketing and social media to aid in the marketing side of my business.

Throughout college I expanded my business into weddings. I was traveling all over Utah and the West Coast to document my couple’s weddings. On top of a full time credit load and job in mental healthcare. It was such a rollercoaster, and honestly really hard. I often wish I would have dropped out and put my all into photography right then and there, but I like to believe I was taken down that path for a reason. I am so thankful for how that time in my life opened my mind and gave me so many new experiences. This is where I found my love for traveling and trying new things.

When I’m Not Playing Photographer…

When I’m not working or taking photos, I’m probably at the gym or taking care of my dog. This is Luna, she is a mini Australian Shepherd and she is my best friend. We love hiking and playing in the snow together! If you want a dog friendly photographer… *wink wink*

I also enjoy spending time with my loved ones and doing just about anything that allows me to be in the mountains. Whether that’s a canyon drive, camping, snowboarding, or my go-to, hiking! I love connecting with couples that also share a love for the outdoors!

Some Final Words

I feel so lucky that I get to use my passion for documenting life to meet some amazing people and tell their love story! I’m a very visual and nostalgic person so I have always been passionate about documenting moments in time through a photo.

Through this job and my life experiences, I have also come to love how healthy communication and relationships can help our selves grow and be such a lovely addition to our lives.

These two things have collided and I have found myself documenting love for a living. I feel so fulfilled being able to share this with others and take photos that will live in your family for generations.

Over my 8 years of experience, 5 of which have been in the wedding industry – I have learned so much in my camera, in communication, and in love. I am currently booking 2024 and 2025. I would love to connect with some outdoorsy couples getting married in the mountains or Park City! Find more information on my packages here. Let me help you tell your love story.