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What is a Micro Wedding? Everything You Need to Know

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A micro-wedding is a small and intimate wedding celebration with more intention behind it.

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But what does that mean?

Rather than inviting everyone you know because you don’t want to hurt their feelings, you invite the people that are most important to you.  Those that will make you feel loved and supported, as you commit to forever together. Instead of following typical wedding traditions because it’s just ‘what everyone does’, you craft a day that feels fun and true to you.

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Let Me Introduce Myself

Hey there, I’m Bri! I am a Utah based photographer that specializes in micro-weddings and elopement.

I have been a wedding photographer for the past 5 years and I am seeing a shift in the industry. We are moving away from the big extravagant weddings you have seen in movies and maybe even attended.

These big weddings are very expensive and stressful. One day is not worth 30k of debt.

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Many couples are no longer resonating with the idea of planning a big event and inviting everyone they know. Instead, couples are wanting something more simple and inexpensive. Because of this, we have been seeing a surge of elopements since 2020. Which I love!

But my brides are starting to tell me they love the idea of eloping somewhere scenic, but they don’t want a private elopement. They still want their closest loved ones to be there as well. 

This is where the micro-wedding is created.

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What’s the difference between a traditional wedding and micro wedding?

Where to hold my micro wedding?

What to do on my micro wedding day?

Why a micro wedding?

Micro wedding photo packages

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What’s the Difference between a Traditional Wedding and Micro Wedding?

Typically a wedding looks like spending tens of thousands of dollars to put on an event for your hundreds of guests, where you are the entertainment. Every wedding tends to follow a structured schedule that looks pretty similar from one wedding to another.

But with an elopement or micro-wedding you plan a day doing whatever you want, and somewhere in that day you have a marriage ceremony. This gives you the opportunity to plan a day that is meaningful and fulfilling for you and your partner. And then you invite your loved ones because you want their presence on this day.

Usually there are no more than 50 guests at a micro-wedding, with 20-25 guests being most common.

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Where to Hold my Micro Wedding?

You can still rent a venue for your micro-wedding if you would like a more traditional feel to your wedding day. They can be hard to come by, but look for small wedding venues near you that could house your day of events. 

However, I would recommend an outdoor ceremony. Find a location with scenery you really love or visit somewhere new. Then, rent a cute Airbnb or Vrbo that will be fun to get ready in. Most couples like finding a large and beautiful home that can house all their loved ones for the weekend. This will give everyone a fun and memorable weekend trip!

Here are some great Airbnb’s near Utah’s best outdoor locations that can house anywhere from 10-40 people.

What to do on my Micro Wedding Day?

As I said earlier, there are no standard building blocks, so you really can do whatever you want. As long as you say your vows and sign your marriage license at some point, it is a wedding day!

I have found many couples enjoy having a slow morning to get ready and write their vows. Maybe you start with some yoga, a morning bike ride, or breakfast at a coffee shop.

From here couples tend to go one of two ways. Either they have an all day adventure or a mid-afternoon ceremony with a low key dinner party. An adventure day can look like hiking to your ceremony location, taking a helicopter into your ceremony, doing a 4×4 jeep tour after you tie the knot. Just a few ideas! 

And rather than going out to dinner, many couples enjoy hiring a private chef to give them a private and intimate dinner experience with their loved ones. 

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And if you want to throw in some of your favorite wedding traditions, go for it! Maybe you still want to cut a cake at the end of the night or have special dances with each other and your parents. But rather than hundreds of people watching you, you get to share these special moments with those closest to you.

Why a Micro Wedding?

1. They are less stressful and more meaningful than a traditional wedding

I feel like micro weddings have brought the meaning back to weddings. When you plan everything very intentionally and don’t stress over the things or people that don’t really matter, you are left with everything you care about. Your partner, your loved ones, and a day you actually want to spend time on.

2. Micro weddings are more intimate and personal

I have found micro weddings create a greater environment for love, emotion, and trust to be shared. Your guests will feel so special and like they are a part of something great when they are hand picked for this special day, rather than just sending in their address to the invite list. 

3. Easier on your budget

And I must mention, micro weddings are much easier on your wallet. The average cost of a wedding in the United States is 30k. The average cost of a micro wedding is 10k! A third of the cost! And if you’re on a budget and willing to sacrifice some things, I have seen brides create a destination micro wedding for around 5k. 

Micro Wedding Packages

I am a photographer specializing in micro weddings, because I love everything about them! I love this shift to more simple and intentional wedding days that are full of love. 

My photos are scenic, timeless, and romantic. So if you are planning an outdoor micro wedding and want photos that you will love forever, we should definitely chat. 

I have been helping my brides plan their weddings and elopements for 5 years now. I feel confident that I have plenty of experience and all the resources needed to not only photograph your micro wedding, but also help you plan it. Each of my packages come with your photo coverage as well as planning resources and full access to me as a planner. 

My Utah micro wedding packages start at $2200 and the average investment is around $3200. However, I am willing to travel to select destinations for your wedding day! Reach out to me with your vision here.

Micro Wedding Inspiration and Ideas

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