The Biggest Wedding Trends You’ll See in 2021

Every year there are different wedding trends, but 2021 is particularly different due to the effect the global pandemic has had on the wedding industry. Uncertainty is playing a huge role in 2021 wedding trends, since we don’t quite know what the next month, couple or months, or year will look like. 2020 caused a huge shift in the wedding industry, causing couples to be more intentional with their wedding planning and being more open to stray away from traditional wedding norms.

Here are a few wedding trends we expect to see in 2021:

1. Elopements and Micro-Weddings

Due to the pandemic and limits on group gatherings, many couples are shifting to smaller and more intimate weddings with their family and closest friends. Many couples in 2020 chose to elope or have a micro-wedding and ended up loving their experience, which has opened the eyes of many other couples planning their wedding that are considering having a smaller wedding.

2. Weekday Weddings

2020 caused many couples to reschedule their wedding to 2021, and because of this vendors have limited weekend availability already for 2021. Getting married on a weekday is enabling the couple to have their dream venue and hire the vendors they want that may not be available on weekends. There are typically weekday wedding discounts with many vendors as well!

3. Smaller Guest List

Many couples are doing away with the “send me your address if you want and invite” and are creating a smaller and more intentional guest list. This originally became popular due to group limits and to keep their loved ones safe and healthy, but many couples are enjoying the intimacy is gives their wedding.

4. Unique Wedding Dresses

Unique and different wedding dresses are coming into style. More than ever, brides are embracing their style, rather than following the trends.

5. Outdoor Weddings

The pandemic closed many indoor venues causing many couples to move their wedding outdoors. Whether it be in an outdoor wedding venue, backyard, the mountains, or another beautiful landscape.

Covid-19 majorly changed the wedding industry and the way weddings looked in 2020 unlike anything has. This has led us to discovering new ways to have a wedding, and shown many couples that they can do have their wedding day be whatever they want to do, rather than following trends they don’t love.

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