What to Wear For Engagement Photos That You’ll Love

Unsure of what to wear for your engagement photos? You’re not alone. Since these photos will be on the announcements you send out and many people will see them, you’ll want photos you love! It’s important to choose outfits that make you’re comfortable in and feel like you! These are some tips that can help you create a look you love and that will look amazing in your photos!

Pick clothes that are 100% you

The bottom line is you aren’t going to love how you look if you’re not wearing an outfit that screams you. Wear something you are comfortable and confident in. This way you’re wearing an outfit you already love how you look in it. If you hate dresses and don’t like how you look in them, don’t wear one! It’s more important that you are wearing something that is 100% you.

Wear neutrals and earthy tones

Sage green, blues, tans, white, blush, cream, etc. Any soft tone color will work great! Not only do they normally look the best, they also match and photograph the best! I recommend avoiding any bright orange, red, or pink colors because they tend to bring out the red hues in your skin.

Keep the season and location in mind

You’d likely wear a completely different outfit if you were doing your photos in the Summer than you would in the Winter. Certain outfits look better in different seasons, I think we can all agree on that. It is also a good idea to match your colors and outfit with the location, although I wouldn’t say throw out an outfit because of the location.

Have 2 outfits

Two outfits is the perfect amount. If you happen to hate how one looks, you have a backup! But it is also great to get variety, but not too much. I typically would recommend one outfit that is more casual and one that is a little nicer.

Don’t match, coordinate instead

I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Please don’t come in matching flannel shirts and blue jeans. If matching is your jam, then you do you, but I would advise that you coordinate instead. Coordinate the style as well as the colors.

Pick a color scheme

This tip ties in with the last one as well. By picking a color scheme you can coordinate the colors easier. Pick 3-4 colors and base your clothing around those colors. This works great for layering and keeping a variety of colors in your photos.

Shoes are important

Believe it or not, but shoes really bring together and outfit and can set the mood for an entire photo. I would steer away from your everyday tennis shoes and sandals. Instead, put on your cuter and nicer shoes that match your outfits and location. For example, cute boots like Doc Martens or Timberlands for some snowy engagements makes my heart melt.

Add an accessory

Don’t overdo it on the accessories and jewelry. Still incorporate a couple things, but don’t bring all the bling. My personal favorite accessory is a hat; you can wear it, use it as a prop, or take it off to give you more variety.

Show off your best features

Clothes look best when they fit you well and show off your best features. Consider your body type and think about what you love about your body and accentuate those parts. Choose clothing that is flattering on you and that you love how your body looks in it.

Most importantly, you are here to have fun, and you aren’t going to have fun if you don’t feel like yourself. My biggest and most important suggestion about clothing? Wear what makes you feel good, what makes you feel confident, and what makes you want to keep looking at your pictures for years to come. Don’t know if you should wear your cute new skirt, or if your partner should wear stripes or plaid? Throw it all in the back of the car, and we’ll put together something to make you look awesome!

Need some inspiration?

Take a look at this Pinterest board I created to get some engagement photo outfit inspiration. Or take a look at other engagement photos I have taken and the outfits each couple chose here.

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