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What to Wear For Engagement Photos



Unsure of what to wear for your engagement photos? You’ve found the right place! If you’re like me, choosing an outfit for photos can be a daunting task. All of the options and different inspiration out there can make it difficult to choose what you want. Ultimately, you want to feel good in the outfit you choose and be sure it looks good in photos. 

Take it from someone that has photographed hundreds of different couples. These are my top tips to put together a look that will feel like you and will look great on camera!

winter engagement photo outfit inspiration

1. Pick clothes that are 100% you

The bottom line is you aren’t going to feel your best or love how you look if you’re not wearing an outfit that screams you. Wear something you are comfortable and confident in for your engagement photos. If you hate dresses and don’t like how you look in them, don’t wear one! It’s more important that you are wearing something that is 100% you than “matching the norm”.

2. Wear neutrals and earthy tones

Sage green, blues, tans, white, blush, cream, etc. Any earhy tone color will work great! Not only do they tend to look the best in outdoor locations, they also match and photograph the best! I recommend avoiding any bright orange, red, or pink colors because they tend to bring out the red hues in your skin. However, my first tip always comes first – so if color is your style and what you feel confident in, please wear it!

3. Keep the season and location in mind

Consider scheduling your engagements in the season that matches your favorite type of clothing. If you are a girl that LOVES your skirts and dresses, take your engagements indoors or when the weather is warmer. Or if you love your sweaters and boots, think fall or winter!

It is also a good idea to keep the colors of your location in mind when choosing your outfit. If you’re taking your photos with the fall leaves you’ll want to stick with neutrals and steer away from color as it will clash. But if you choose a more neutral location like the sand dunes or the canyon in the winter, you have more flexibility with color.

4. Bring multiple outfits

I always recommend bringing at least two outfits so we have options and variety in your photos. I typically would recommend one outfit that is more casual and one that is a little nicer. Or just two outfits that you love and that feel like you! And if you can’t decide, I’d be happy to give you my opinion! Either text me some pictures of throw a couple things in the car.

5. Don’t match, coordinate instead

If matchy-matchy is your jam.. I’m sorry, but we may not be a good match. Please don’t come in matching flannel shirts and blue jeans. I would advise that you coordinate your colors and styles. You can do this by wearing complimentary colors or mixing in neutrals with your color.

In the photo below, Yasmin and Justin are a great example of how to coordinate without being too matchy. Justin is wearing a flannel shirt so they kept the rest of their outfits neutral, but Yasmin’s gloves match his shirt. I also think the different shades of beige look nice.

snowy engagement photo outfit inspiration

6. Pick a color scheme

This tip ties in with the last one as well. By picking a color scheme you can coordinate the colors easier. Either pick a color to base your outfit around and pair it with neutrals. Or bring together 2-3 neutrals to create your outfit. This works great for layering and keeping variety in your photos.

7. Shoes are important

Believe it or not, but shoes really bring together and outfit and can set the mood for an entire photo. I would steer away from your everyday tennis shoes and sandals. Instead, put on your cuter and nicer shoes that match your outfits and location. For example, cute boots like Doc Martens or Timberlands are great. Or if you are a more casual person, throw on your vans or converse!

8. Add an accessory

Add a couple of your favorite accessories or jewelry, but don’t overdo it. Your favorite necklace or some rings are great additions. And my personal favorite accessory is a hat; you can wear it, use it as a prop, or take it off to give you more variety.

engagement photo details

9. Show off your best features

Clothes look best when they fit you well and show off your best features. Consider your body type and think about what you love about your body and accentuate those parts. Choose clothing that is flattering on you and that you love how your body looks in it.

10. Confidence is Key

Most importantly, you are here to have fun, and you aren’t going to have fun if you don’t feel like yourself. My biggest and most important suggestion about what to wear for your engagement photos are to wear what makes you feel good and what makes you feel confident. And If you aren’t feeling super confident, fake it til you make it. I will be here to help you feel comfortable and confident when I am taking your photos!

salt flats engagement photo

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