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10 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer

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In my (biased) opinion, your wedding photographer is one of the most important vendor of your wedding day. Once the day is done and over with, all you will have to look back on it is the photos. Therefore, it’s so important to find the right photographer for you! In order to do this, asking lots of questions to make sure it’s a right fit is so important! Not only do you want to find someone whose style you love, but also someone that you like as a person. Because face it, your photographer will be with you almost as much as your partner on your wedding day!

As a wedding photographer, I get a ton of questions. Some that are important and others that don’t matter as much. Over time I’ve been able to see what questions and answers are most helpful to couples when choosing a photographer. I’ve created a list of questions that will help you narrow down your options to help you choose a wedding photographer!


  • How long have you been shooting weddings?
  • Can I see a full wedding gallery of yours?
  • Do you offer payment plans?
  • Do you retouch skin and/or edit out other distractions?
  • How many edited photos can I expect to receive back? When can I expect to receive them?




  • What is your refund or cancellation policy?
  • Do you have a backup camera?
  • What happens if for some reason you are unable to attend and photograph my wedding?
  • Can we request a list of specific shots we would like?
  • Will you have a second shooter at the wedding? Or is it an extra cost to add one?


Some of these things will be important to you, and others won’t be. That is a personal preference. However, it is good to know what to expect and know what would happen in those rare “what if” situations. Always remember, you get what you pay for. It is totally okay to have a smaller budget! But if you do and you choose a cheaper photographer, keep in mind they may not be super experienced, have backup equipment, include a second shooter, and more.